When He Was a Child 2022

When he was a child
It was time to ask questions:
Why I am who I am, and not you?
Why I am here not there?

When did the time begin and where does the void end?
Isn’t life under the sun just a dream?
Isn’t what I see, hear and smell
Is just a mirage of a world before the world?

When he was a child
He woke up in a strange bed one day
Yet, this is a time, and that is another
He had a specific image of heaven
But now, he can only guess that image
When he was a child

He lived on apples and bread, that was enough for him

He still lives like this
He longed for a higher mountain
And in every city
He was longing for a bigger city
And, he still does

He reached the top of the trees for the cherries
He had the same feeling of excitement until today
Shy in front of strangers, until today
Waiting for the first snow flakes
When he was a child
He had no opinion about anything
He had no habits

He didn’t smile when he was photographed

When he was a child
He threw stones like spears at the tree
And he is still shivering there
When he was a child
He didn’t know that he was a child
Everything was full of life, and life was the same thing

*Adapted from the film Wings of Desire (1987)

photograph and collage, 9 pieces, 25*25cm each , 2022